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Lecture 28: Conditioning of the Cervical Vertibrae – The Thesis of the Motion of the Axis. Because you have already watched my presentation on the effect of the motion of the axis on human posture, you will no doubt remember the topic for this lecture. I discuss the importance of the axis. You will remember that it is a result of a specific condition (condition of the vertebral column) and that its role is to help in the measurement of the saggital plane. I remind you how this plane is formed by the spine in the resting position and how the direction of the saggital axis is modified by the movement of the spine. You have previously seen that this movement of the spine is accentuated by the contraction of the muscles that arise from the lower parts of the spine. However, the position of these muscles is not perfectly controlled in the cervical region. If we make a three-dimensional drawing (fig.2) of the position of the head at the first part of the movement of the axis, we can see that the head, the neck and the chest do not remain parallel to the same line. You see, at the beginning, the chest moves horizontally, then it rotates in a forward direction and finally it turns. The same movement is repeated by the shoulder girdle. It will not be an exaggeration if I say that the rotation of the cervical vertebrae in this way is exaggerated. As you see, these movements, which the axis makes, are always going to be accentuated by the contraction of the muscles. If we observe the degree of this contraction, we will see that it is much greater than we think. It is common sense to know that a contraction increases the force of the muscles. So, if we increase the force of the contraction, it will mean that the torque will be greater, which will result in a more intense rotation of the axis. I have analyzed a number of studies which show us that the movements of the head are very different from the movements of the chest, the hips and the knee. Cervical flexion is the great movement of the axis. This movement is accentuated by the contraction of the muscles of the neck. The greater the contraction, the more the axis is moved forward, until the head is turned to the opposite direction. This rotation of the axis may be normal, but it is often




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Biological Psychology James Kalat.pdf oliviok

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